Each year at the annual symposium, the AASWG honors group workers who have made significant contributions to the field. The International Board selects from among exemplar group workers that have left an indelible mark on group work though their practice, publication, service, and overall professional career.  These honorees are designated International Honorees.  The local planning group of each symposium selects honorees from among local candidates of group workers.  Local organizers select those group workers they believe deserve recognition for the special ways in which they have enriched their local group work community.  Below you will find the names of honorees organized by year. 

2008, 30th Annual Symposium, Cologne/Koln, Germany

International Honorees                   
Sonia Abels
Paul Ephross
Jeanne Gill
Joan Parry

Local Honorees
Delia Anton
Karin Genius
Georg Nebel
Ingrun Masanek
Wolfgang Offermann

2007, 29th Annual Symposium, Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

International Honorees
Michael H. Phillips
Lawrence Shulman

Local Honorees
Leonard N. Brown

2006, 28th Annual Symposium, San Diego, California, United States

International Honorees
Martin Birnbaum
Maeda Galinsky

2005, 27th Annual Symposium, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

International Honorees

Gisela Konopka
Roselle Kurland

Local Honorees
Janice Andrews-Schenk
Burt Garr
Phyllis M. Rinehart

2004, 26th Annual Symposium, Detroit, Michigan, United States

International Honorees
Judith A.B. Lee

Local Honorees
Virgil M. Carr
Alice E. Lamont
Mavis Spencer
Dale Swaisgood